LIFT Distribution Opens with DK-Technologies

Seattle, WA (Sept 3, 2011) - A new US professional audio and video distributor, called LIFT Distribution LLC, has just opened its doors for business in the town of Kirkland, WA – an eastern suburb of Seattle. The new company, which will specialize in broadcast and live performance technology, has been founded by LIFT AV owner, Steve Palermo, and Audio Agent/3dB Creative founder, Dave Christenson. 

The Seattle-based LIFT crew (L-R: Christenson, Palermo, Ellis, Friesen, Mittleider)

“With LIFT AV, we’ve been extremely successful as a Pacific Northwest dealer and systems design/install company,” explained Palermo. “Moving into a national distribution role was a natural next step and, frankly, one that was heavily encouraged by some of our LIFT AV vendors.” LIFT Distribution will anchor its broadcast division with the DK Technologies brand and its live performance division with the KV2 Audio brand. Other select brands will be announced shortly. 

Richard Kelley, DK-Technologies’ Sales & Marketing Director, commented, “As a proactive company with excellent credentials in the broadcast market, LIFT AV and now LIFT Distribution, is ideally placed to strengthen our US sales channels and introduce many new customers to DK’s outstanding range of audio and video metering products.

Our new DK Meter. especially, is well suited to the US market because it meets the needs of broadcasters and production houses who have been crying out for cost-effective, easy to use metering technology that helps them keep within the new CALM Act guidelines. This latest addition to our range draws on DK’s many years of experience in the audio metering market and addresses all of the issues broadcasters currently have with measuring loudness. What’s more, like all of the meters in our range, this new product can be easily updated to accommodate any new standards that might be introduced in the future.”

“LIFT Distribution will be utilizing a unique web-based business model that combines unilateral pricing policies, direct sales, a highly exclusive US dealer network and superior customer support to become a true value-added partner for our vendors and customers alike,” added LIFT’s Dave Christenson.