DK-Technologies Helps Dramatico Stay Legal

Harlev, Denmark (August 15, 2011) – DK-Technologies has supplied Dramatico Entertainment Ltd, the UK record label set up in the early-1990′s by singer/songwriter/producer/arranger Mike Batt, with an MSD100C loudness meter. Dramatico’s stable of artists incudes the current French “First Lady,” Carla Bruni (below), Marianne Faithful and a wide range of international recording stars. The label is using the ’100C meter to ensure that all its television advertising and promotional campaigns fall within the legal limits for loudness consistency. DK-Technologies’ range of audio metering products are all complaint with the latest loudness recommendations, including ITU 1770-2, EBU R128 and ATSC A85.

Dramatico invested in a DK MSD100C Loudness meter in order to ensure that it stayed within BCAP guidelines on audio loudness for TV commercials. The label, which achieved its first resounding success in 2003 with the phenomenal Georgian singer-songwriter Katie Melua, has its own recording studio, from which it also controls the audio output of all of its television advertising. Andy Page, DK’s UK Director, recommended the MSD100C Loudness meter as it was specifically designed for monitoring audio loudness, “There are many applications where it is necessary to measure and control the perceived loudness of audio signals, but when you are producing commercials that are destined for output via major broadcasters you really have to stay within the recommended BCAP guidelines for loudness or you could incur a fine. DK’s MSD100C Loudness meter is the ideal tool to help broadcasters stay within the law because it tackles the issue of the perceived loudness of the audio signal.”

Developed in response to requests from top broadcasters and production houses worldwide, including Sky, ITV, the BBC and RAI in Italy, the MSD100C Loudness incorporates ATSC, EBU R128 and ITU Loudness Recommendations and provides accurate loudness matching of audio from a number of different sources. It is ideal for any broadcast or post production facility that wants to measure loudness during production or prior to transmission.”