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Green Conscious Festival Uses Most Efficient Sound System

Tidewater Falls, OR (August 28, 2012)Beloved Festival, a three-day celebration of music, art and spirituality, was recently held in Oregon’s pristine coastal mountain region. In addition to a roster full of enlightened performers, the sold-out festival was exceptional in its “green conscious” operational approach. To meet Beloved’s exacting requirements for superior audio quality as well as optimum power efficiency, the VHD sound system by KV2 Audio proved to be the ideal choice.  

VHD stack (right) at Beloved Festival

Oregon-based has provided audio services for the Beloved Festival since its inception in 2007. This year, they upped the ante with their new VHD system. Sentient’s owner, xristophari, explained, “I don’t believe there is another system out there than can match the VHD’s output and clarity, especially when considering its remarkably small footprint. It can get extremely loud if needed, without ever becoming fatiguing or abrasive, and it has surprisingly consistent coverage both in terms of spls and frequency response from anywhere near the mains to the farthest corners of the event site. A key indicator of a system’s fidelity is vocal intelligibility – with VHD, every word is articulated clearly, even within a complicated mix, and even at great distances. You can also clearly hear subtle EQ changes and differences in microphone selection and placement. Engineers who have mixed on this system have frequently commented that it is just like mixing on ‘giant studio monitors’, and I totally agree. The overall performance of this system simply defies traditional notions of what is possible. You have to experience it to believe it.”

Sentient Audio Systems staff in action at Beloved Festival

“At Beloved, we need the clarity and tone demanded by discerning, longtime concertgoers as well as the crushing whomp that moves the younger audience,” explained Elliott Rasenick, the festival’s founder and musical curator. “The KV2 VHD met all of our needs better than I could have possibly imagined. This system is a game changer.”

Beloved Festival by night

“KV2 systems match extremely high sample rate digital conversion (20MHz) with advanced amplification and point-source loudspeakers,” commented LIFT Distribution’s Dave Christenson, the KV2 representative on-site during the event. “The result is ultra-low distortion and high power. Many acts at the Beloved Festival performed with no system EQ or processing at all. The amplifiers were usually idling even when the music was pumping. Despite this, the coverage was comprehensive, the low end was both punchy and extended while the highs were crystal clear.” 

DJ Michael Manahan at Beloved Festival

The VHD system configuration used at Beloved Festival required a total of only six 20 amp, 120v circuits to power all the amplifiers. This is one-half to one-third the requirement of even the most advanced line array system given similar coverage requirements. Such a power-to-output ratio makes VHD the world’s most efficient loudspeaker system and truly green technology.

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