Crowded House Tour with KV2

“My favourite audio tool…”  - Angus Davidson (Crowded House FOH)

KV2 EX10's in near field position for 2010 Crowded House tour

Auckland, NZ (June 7, 2010) – Angus Davidson, Front of House engineer for legendary New Zealand band Crowded House has been using a pair of KV2 Audio EX10’s for personal monitoring duties throughout the bands extensive UK and European tour. The EX10’s accompanied Angus and the band throughout Europe and Angus had the following to say…

“I was initially introduced to KV2 Audio products by my good friend and associate Dave Williams who operates KV2 Audio Asia Pacific and subsequently utilised a KV2 Audio system during a 2008 VENUE Road Show and have been a huge fan ever since.

“Enormous power for their size coupled with a beautifully flat response, I have made them as much at home in front of my VENUE Profile console at a live show as they are in my studio back home.

“They are my favourite audio tool and I recommend any self respecting engineer to experience their ease of use and wonderful qualities.”