KV2 at Foundation

World renown DJ, Paul Van Dyk at Foundation - Photo: AJ Apuya

Seattle, WA (November 1, 2012) – Seattle’s nightlife scene is great if you’re into classic cocktails, live music, hipster hangouts and dive bars. But when it comes to nightclubs, to say we’re lagging behind other major cities would be a tremendous understatement.

Foundation's Front Bar - photo: Ernie Sapiro

A handful of stalwarts have managed to thrive for years – Pioneer Square’s Last Supper Club and Trinity being the prime examples – but thanks to new music trends (EDM, specifically), a nightclub arms race is in full swing; one which has quickly sucked top talent away from quaint local clubs. That is, until now.

Foundation Nightclub opened in late September – hot on the heels of Capitol Hill’s sparkling Q Nightclub – and within a month’s time has already raised the bar for a new era of Seattle nightlife.

Foundation's Back Bar - photo: Ernie Sapiro

Foundation occupies the much-maligned Venom space on Western Avenue in Belltown, but any similarities to its previous tenant end at the address. Gone are the chilly entrance and S.W.A.T. gear-clad security. In their place are inviting double-doors, suited bouncers, and welcoming hosts.

Aforementioned EDM (Electronic Dance Music, for the uninitiated), the club’s music of choice, pulsates into the street thanks to a KV2 Audio system – essential for any club looking to make a statement. Once inside, a dazzling array of lights gives a once cold and uninviting room new life. Giant LED screens flood the dance floor and DJ booth, while a glowing wall display above the main VIP area adds a sensual sheen.

All the bells and whistles don’t mean much without an artist lineup to match. That’s where Chad Anderson, owner of USC Events (United State of Consciousness), comes in. His pedigree, grown from years of throwing large-scale parties and small club shows, got Foundation off to a rocking start.

A Foundation VIP Table - photo: Ernie Sapiro

The opening month’s talent roster was a mix of dance music pioneers (Sasha, The Crystal Method, Paul van Dyk) and rising stars (Manufactured Superstars, Norman Doray) – all of whom can be found spinning in the world’s top nightclubs. And while Foundation intends to be EDM-heavy, some mainstream nights will be sprinkled in.

And what’s an EDM show without a legit dance floor? The latest trend in club design is sacrificing precious dance floor space in favor of high priced VIP tables. Foundation bucked the trend by supplying Joe Schmoes with plenty of prime real estate for partying (not to mention three convenient bars). However, clubbers looking for their own private area need not fret. Two full service VIP areas cater to those looking for a more exclusive experience.

Other details, including hand-blown glass, sleek bar design, lighting accents and bathrooms — oh yes, the amazing, better-than-anything-else-in-Seattle, bathrooms — only help cement Foundation’s status as a fast-rising superstar in Northwest nightlife.

Foundation Nightclub | 2218 Western Ave, Seattle | (206) 535-7285



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