KV2 Dominates NW Music Festivals

Seattle, WA (July 18, 2012) – The recently introduced VHD (or Very High Definition) sound systems from Czech Republic-based manufacturer, KV2 Audio, have been literally shaking up the summer music festival season in the Pacific Northwest. Beginning with Washington’s Sasquatch Festival in May and Idaho’s Esthetic Evolution festival in June, KV2 systems will also be featured this month at the Photosynthesis festival, the prestigious Beloved festival in August as well as most of the nine stages for Seattle’s world-famous Decibel Festival in September. 

“As with all KV2 systems, the VHD definitely punches above its weight,” exclaimed , owner of Starborne Sound, the Seattle-based company that provided sound services for Sasquatch (above) and Esthetic Evolution. “We were accustomed to the superb performance of KV2′s ES and EX Series but when we had the chance to run the larger VHD System we were truly amazed by the audio clarity, and unbelievable crowd bumping bass, over such a large area. Then, there’s the incredible convenience of the VHD; for both festivals, we delivered the relatively compact system (right) in a 10-foot trailer, set-up in under two hours, used no system EQ or tuning processors and provided crystal clear audio with shirt-moving SPL to well over 5000 people. Everyone we talked to was amazed at the sound quality.”

Esthetic Evolution producer, Devin Kelly (below), summed up his KV2 experience by saying, “the VHD system dominated the main stage at this year’s festival. The dual 21 [inch subwoofers] were awe inspiring and the tops had the perfect balance of power, throw and crispness. All of our headlining acts were blown away by such a massive sound coming out of such a compact system. That sound kept the party rocking well past the expected quitting time. It would be an honor to have the same system back next year.”

For both Sasquatch and Esthetic Evolution, Starborne (below) utilize identical VHD systems consisting of a single VHD2.0 high-mid cabinet, four VHD4.18 subwoofers, a single VHD2.21, two VHD3200 amps and one VHD2000 amps per side. , president of LIFT Distribution, KV2′s North American distributor, commented, “our customers are rolling into these outdoor festivals with a fraction of the expected gear, crew and cost, setting up in record time and then watching other seasoned live sound professionals stand there listening in disbelief. They ask, ‘how do you get that sound out of such a small system.’ My usual response is, ‘KV2 have been providing great speakers for 10 years. Now, they’ve added processing electronics to their amplifiers with 20 MHz D/A conversion that sends distortion-free audio through those revolutionary speaker designs. The whole system provides the cleanest, loudest audio experience possible.’ That’s the bottom line.” 

For more on KV2 Audio Systems, contact LIFT Distribution at (425) 242-7339, email to: , or visit their website at www.liftdistribution.com/performance

The Starborne production team for Sasquatch 2012, (L-R) Benny Rox, Michael Manahan, Jeremy Kaiser, Xristopharai, Mark Wilber