Local Bands Rock With KV2

Seattle, WA (September 4, 2012) – The affordable yet surprisingly powerful EX systems from KV2 Audio have been making local bands sound like headliners for several years now. These systems are light and quick to set-up yet provide powerful, full spectrum, in-your-face audio for crowds of up to 300 people.

, a well-known local front of house engineer and EX system owner explained, “I run this system completely flat – I never need any system eq. Even when I use the EX10′s as floor monitors, they don’t feedback and always sound perfect. The system is so versatile and compact, I literally use it for everything. Its the best investment I’ve made.”

A pair of EX10 high/mid cabinets and a single EX2.2 subwoofer handily reinforced , the premier Seattle-based Boston tribute band (pictured above). Following the performance, there were several compliments on the sound. “Everyone present had a hard time believing so much sound was coming out of this system,” continued Brumm.

For more on KV2 Audio products or to arrange a KV2 demonstration, contact LIFT Distribution at www.liftdistribution.com, or (888) 954-3828.