The FOH Magazine JK Series Review


 Written by George Petersen

KV2 Audio JK Series Direct Boxes - JK 1

(August 4, 2012)  For the past decade, KV2 Audio has built a reputation for creating rugged, great-sounding pro audio gear. Founder George “Jiri” Krampera always made products with novel, innovative approaches. So when KV2 announced its JK Series direct boxes, I was anxious to check these out.

Does the world really need more direct boxes? Well, having used the JK Series, I can answer in the affirmative. The line has four models, the passive JK P ($295 MSRP) and three active variants: the JK 1 (single-channel, $295 MSRP), the JK 2 (dual-channel, $390 MSRP) and the JK A (for use with acoustic instruments, $329 MSRP). All feature rugged construction with quality European parts. They are hand-built in the Czech Republic and come with a five-year warranty.

Krampera is known for creating tools with uncompromised performance, and the JK series are no exception. For clarity and ultra-low distortion, the active models utilize a switching power supply for 20 volt peak power on the internal rails. This enables each to provide a low, 50-ohm impedance line-level output with line driver capability for extremely long cable runs.

The active units are line-out only and operate solely on phantom power (48 to 56 VDC with an 8 mA draw) to avoid the compromise of 9VDC powering. If you need a battery-operated box, you’ll have to look elsewhere, or use the JK P passive unit. The line output is a godsend, especially snaking over long runs, whether from an instrument, keyboard, mic-level output from a wireless receiver or the unbalanced feed from a PC, iPod/iPad, CD/DVD player, etc.

JK 1

This active DI box/line driver has two 1/4-inch inputs with a switch to select parallel (for using the other jack to feed an amp, etc.), a “Mix” setting for combining both jacks to mono, or parallel with a -15dB input pad. It also has switches for phase reverse, ground lift and selectable 80/160 Hz LF rolloff. There’s also an inline 20 Hz highpass filter to remove unwanted low-end crud.

KV2 Audio JK Series Direct Boxes - JK 2JK 2

Each channel of the JK 2 stereo active DI box/line driver has 1/4-inch and RCA inputs with parallel 1/4-inch outs. Switches are provided for ground lift, input pad (0/-12/-24 dB) and phase reverse. Seems simple enough, but KV2 adds a few bonus extras. The phase switch also has an “Off” position that mutes either input, a useful touch for checking the left or right channels during setups. The ground lift adds an “RC” setting — beyond the ground and lift positions — that routes the input/output ground through a parallel resistor/capacitor network to suppress RFI or static conditions. The JK 2 can be powered via phantom from either channel, yet performance in stereo is significantly improved when phantom is applied to both channels.

KV2 Audio JK Series Direct Boxes - JK AJK A

The last active DI box/line driver in the series, the JK A, is designed for acoustic instrument pickups and is ideal for high-impedance (1 Mohm) piezo transducers or active electronics with input peaks as high as 7 volts. Phase reverse and +10dB gain boost switches (for low output pickups) are standard. But in Krampera tradition, the JK A adds a twist. Rather than simply paralleling the second 1/4-inch jack for an amp feed, that jack is taken after the amplifier and is transformer isolated from the 50-ohm, line level XLR out, with the ground on the 1/4-inch output jack routed via an RC network. A built-in notch filter is sweepable from 75 to 1.6k Hz with a switchable -6/-12 dB cut. The latter proved ideal for dealing with feedback, especially with large body acoustic guitars. With the filter’s fixed, ultra-narrow Q of 12, I was able to get in, deal with the resonant frequency problem and leave no audible artifacts.

KV2 Audio JK Series Direct Boxes - JK PJK P

Most passive direct boxes simply insert a transformer between the input and output jacks, but as a Krampera design, the JK P passive DI adds a few new tricks, beyond its three-position ground lift with RC setting. Inputs are a Neutrik Combo XLR/TRS, paralleled to a 1/4-inch TRS jack. The transformer provides switchable windings in 1:2 or 1:4 ratios. The unit needs no phantom power to operate. However, a switchable “phantom through” function can route phantom power from the console directly to t he input XLR. This way, the JK P can also be used with condenser — or dynamic — mics, either as a splitter to both of its XLR outputs or as an in-line transformer to lower the impedance of the mic’s output for long cable runs. This also offers more sonic options to choose from, such as routing a dynamic mic using the 1:2 setting for a rounder, smoother sound, yet at the same time having the flexibility of handling line, instrument or unbalanced consumer-level input sources.

The Bottom Line

Combining low distortion and high-headroom performance with innovative feature sets, KV2 Audio’s JK series are worth checking out. Anyone who thinks direct boxes are utilitarian and boring should be prepared to be surprised.

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