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Available in five configurations: 

CDC-EIGHT - 321:  128 ch, twin screen, large frame, 1 PC, with 1 I/O Rack 64in/48out

CDC-EIGHT - 322:  128 ch, twin screen, large frame, 2 PC, with 1 I/O Rack 64in/48out

CDC-EIGHT - 16pack:  128 ch, single screen, compact frame

CDC-EIGHT - 16:  128 ch, single screen, compact frame

CDC-EIGHT - 16s:  128 ch, single screen fader desk

And, the I/O Rack: 

CDC-EIGHT IO 6448:  64 in/48out 19" I/O Rack

CADAC unveils it’s new flagship digital live production console, the CDC Eight. Specified for high end sound touring and fixed installation applications, the console boasts a unique ‘high agility’ user interface, accessed via two 24 inch 16:10 high definition LCD touch screens; a further centre located 6 inch LCD touch screen accesses the system control and automation.

Combined with a far less menu dependent operating system than other digital consoles, the CDC Eight is exceptionally smart, nimble and intuitive in operation The CDC Eight features a high I/O count for a desk at this price point, offering 128 channels expandable to 256 inputs, and a standard 48 outputs.

Two frame sizes offer 16 or 32 faders. Built upon the company’s latest generation proprietary DSP mix platform, processing power, as the name implies, is delivered by eight 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC processors.

The frame has 16 or 32 motorized touch Faders and 1 master fader. Three 60mm faders are used for monitor level control. Each of the large touch screens have control encoders placed around them for parameter control, 16 encoders top and bottom, 12 encoders placed to the left and right of the screen. Each of the encoders has a push switch which is used to select or adjust parameters. 

The EQ section has 6 bands, a four band parametric section and a low and high pass filter section, all six bands can be independently switched in and out or the whole EQ can be bypassed with a master EQ bypass switch . The LF and HF bands of the EQ have a Bell/Shelf Switch.

The dynamics consists of a gate, limiter and compressor. Control of these is achieved via a side chain section which contains a single filter that can be setup as a High pass, Low pass or a band pass filter.

The system has 8 programmable Mute Groups, 16 VCA Groups and 2 Grand Masters. Three listen busses are provided for solo/monitoring functions, a Stereo LR bus and a Mono bus. 

The I/O is housed in a remote stage box connected to the mixer by “CADAC Comms”, and can be up to 100 meters away. The standard Audio rack has 64 Mic amps and 48 Outputs. An optional rack of 64 input can be attached giving a total of 144 inputs.

Additional I/O is available at the console via an inbuilt extension slots system

As with all CADAC desks, sound quality is paramount. A wide dynamic range, low noise mic pre-amp, specially developed ultra-low distortion EQ filters and analogue emulating compressor algorithms, 24-bit / 96kHz Delta-Sigma AD/DA converters, and advanced EQ algorithms, using proportional-Q techniques, combine to deliver a classic CADAC sound signal chain to rival any other console two or three times the price.

  • 128 Resettable Mic amps
  • Remote Stage Racks up 300 feet
  • Local I/O rack 64 Inputs /64 output
  • 40 output Busses, LCR, Monitor/talkback
  • 96khz Sample Frequency/24 bits floating point DSP
  • All busses can be assigned as Group, Aux or Matrix
  • 16 VCA Groups
  • 8 Mute Groups
  • Dual 24” Touch Screens + 6” Control screen
  • 32 Motor fader
  • Single and Dual frame sizes plus 16 Channel Sidecar
  • Snapshot automation (10000 Plus)
  • 16 FX
  • Output GEQ/Delays